Estate Planning

Protecting your assets and properties that you have worked so hard to accumulate can be done through Estate Planning. Texas laws allow you to set up specific legal instructions for handling your personal and financial affairs by others after your death or whenever you may become unable to manage your own affairs due to illness or incapacity. With valid Estate Planning documentation in place, you and your family can avoid the lengthy and expensive experience of Probate, and have peace of mind that your own wishes will be respected and followed.

Pamela J. Chaney, Attorney at Law

Estate Planning is the primary focus of work we do for clients at the law office of Pamela J. Chaney, Attorney at Law, in Eastland, TX. We help people with a variety of life management planning, including Estate Planning, Financial matters and other issues that affect your life and that of your family. This is the best way to avoid having your estate administered by strangers appointed by a Probate Judge.

Important areas of client services we offer include:

  • Bankruptcy & Debt
  • Real Estate
  • Estate Planning
  • Probate
  • Guardianship

Attorney Pamela J. Chaney

Attorney Pamela Jean Chaney was first licensed to practice law in 1998. After graduating in 1998 with a Doctor of Jurisprudence/Juris Doctor (J.D.) Law degree from St. Mary’s University School of Law, she began a career of helping others manage their personal legal affairs. She believes that everyone needs Estate Planning, at all ages and no matter how large an estate they believe they have to pass along to heirs.

Eastland, TX, Estate Planning

The primary reason to do Estate Planning is to protect your assets and property. You need protection, not only to ensure your heirs will receive what you want them to have after you die, but all adults need certain valid documents drawn up to manage financial and personal affairs if they are incapacitated for any length of time. These documents provide direction to administrators for handling your financial affairs, and also to control your medical care.

We help clients draft Wills, Trusts, Powers of Attorney, Medical Powers of Attorney, Directives to Physicians and other Estate Planning documents. We also help with potential Medicaid applications as part of Estate Planning needs.

It’s time to plan ahead today. Learn more by contacting the offices of Pamela J. Chaney, Attorney at Law, in Eastland, TX. Call us now, at (254) 631-8440.

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