Real Estate

From title examination to forced eviction, a variety of real estate protocols require legal assistance. Without representation from the right attorney, small business owners, landlords, tenants and a variety of other individuals put themselves at risk of suffering a number of legal issues. A versatile Eastland lawyer, Pamela Chaney boasts the legal understanding necessary to help a wide array of clients with an even wider variety of legal concerns. She is the perfect resource for all matters related to real estate law.

Drafting Sales Contracts With An Eastland Attorney

The ideal sales agreement is carefully drafted with the help of a proactive lawyer. Pamela Chaney thoroughly analyzes all sales contracts to ensure that both the buyer and seller are capable of completely abiding by all of the terms of the sale. If she suspects that there may be a problem in this regard, she provides detailed feedback so as to minimize the potential for future issues.

The Importance Of Title Examination

Title examination is essential, as it can help a buyer avoid a whole host of legal issues. During this process, a number of public records are closely examined so as to ensure that a defective title does not cause future problems. Examined records may include trusts, deeds and wills, all of which must be analyzed to determine whether titles have correctly been passed down to new owners. Title examination is an intricate process that should only be entrusted to a reliable real estate attorney. Look to Pamela Chaney if you require a guide through the title examination process.

Landlord And Tenant Issues: How A Real Estate Attorney Can Help

Landlord and tenant disputes are very common in the Eastland area, with many residents complaining of wrongful eviction. Likewise, a number of local landlords are forced to deal with non-payment of rent and the failure of their residents to abide by all lease terms. Whether you are a tenant or landlord in need of legal representation, you can count on Pamela Chaney to take a proactive approach to your case.

A respected real estate lawyer with a stellar reputation in and around Eastland, Texas, Pamela Chaney prides herself on her ability to handle a variety of legal situations, including everything from title examination to landlord-tenant disputes. No matter the nature of your real estate concerns, she will offer the feedback and legal representation you need.


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